Staying on top of ever changing payroll and tax regulations can be cumbersome. Zogg's payroll service provides you with expertise in the payroll field with knowledge on which you can rely.

Under the PEO model, Zogg enters into a co-employment relationship with your employees, reporting all wages and taxes under the Zogg federal/state employer identification number.

Zogg also processes payroll under an ASO model, where the employee wages and taxes are filed under your federal/state employer identification number.

Under both models, clients receive a full scope of payroll services, including:

  • Processing and distribution of payroll through live checks, direct deposit or pay cards
  • Federal, state and local tax filing
  • Child support, levy and garnishment processing
  • Benefit deductions
  • Maintaining paid time off programs and records (vacation, sick, PTO plans)
  • Compliance with all state and federal wage and hour regulations
  • Notification of changes, such as updates to tax laws, minimum wage, etc.
  • EEO reporting
  • W-2 forms preparation and distribution
  • Storage of payroll related records
  • Employment verifications
  • Customer service for your employee’s payroll related questions